Cayenne HappinesS


It surprises most people that a soft drink containing no added sugar or chemicals can deliver a kick that inspires that ‘wow’ moment. And it’s that instant surprise that we love.

We add chillies to our drinks for a few really good reasons:

The Science

Capsaicin (the hot bit) in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. Even better though: it also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling.


The Flavour

The chilli flavour kick makes our drinks a less boring choice for afternoon refreshment, while giving them an edge as a viable soft drinks option at night. As we’re adding spice to our drinks, we can also keep the overall sugar content much lower than other soft drinks as there’s something else more exciting going on than just ‘sweet’.

Nix & Kix

Our name is a very simple way of saying what’s inside our drinks and what’s not:

The Nix: No refined sugars, natural and low in calories.

The Kix: The highest quality ingredients, expertly blended with a subtle cayenne kick for depth of flavour and a surprising twist.

Our chillies are from Bedfordshire where some of the world’s finest chillies are grown.