About Us

Since day one, we’ve always been a little bit different. And we like that. And we like that everyone tastes something different in our drinks, and that they appeal to such a broad range of people.

We love difference – in fact it’s one of the reasons we’re here at all. Nix & Kix started out because we realised there wasn’t really any grown-up soft drinks around. Everyone who isn’t ‘drinking’ was drinking the same thing. We thought it was high time there was more choice – and better choices – to make.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the stigma and boredom that surrounds soft drinks.

For too long, soft drinks have been an ugly sister to alcohol, to functional drinks and to fresh juices. There’s been a lack of imagination, a lack of experimentation and a lack of passion. That’s the problem we’re here to solve.

We’re here to give soft drinks a new name. And some added kick.

Our Story

A story of a spicy relationship.

No, not in a relationship way, but more in our favourite ingredient – cayenne chilli! After meeting on a plane to London, a friendship, partnership and business grew. Although, it would take us another ten years and another chance meeting on a plane until that turned into; what is now known as Nix & Kix.

Back in 2004, we had a chance encounter when we sat next to each other on a plane. Striking up a friendship we quickly bonded with our entrepreneurial spirit.

After finishing university and working a few years, we went travelling and exploring different cuisines and cultures. Chillies got our attention as they are a part of everyday diet in many parts of the world due to their taste and health benefits.

In 2014 we set up a lab at the back of a small shop in Shoreditch to experiment with different flavour combinations with the goal to change the mindset around soft drinks for the better. We wanted to create drinks with exceptional flavour, great refreshment and a host of chilli-driven benefits that can actually make your day.

And so Nix & Kix was born.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Julia and Kerstin