From Veganuary to Valentines…

We hope you’ve had a wonderful January and for those of you who completed Dry Jan or Veganuary, we never stopped beleafing in you!

Regardless of if you’ve left the big V trend in January or not, we can’t forget that V-Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re loved up or single this month, we’ll add a little spice to your life!

Now when you think Valentine’s you might think red roses, candles and chocolate! Did you know that chocolate has aphrodisiac qualities. An aphrodisiac is pretty much a food or drug (or anything else that floats your boat) that stimulates sexual desire. So not only does chocolate taste indulgent but it could help increase your sex drive and boost that lacking libido.

Chillies are known to have the same property – they stimulate endorphins and can increase your heart rate and get you sweating, mirroring the body’s response to arousal as proposed by Dr. Meryl S. Rosofsky

Of course, you’d need a fair share of chillies to really get you sweating but the endorphin releasing benefits are still packed into every can and bottle of our drinks.

Our good old friend capsaicin (the compound found in cayenne chilli) stimulates the nerve endings on your tongue and kicks your adrenaline up a notch. There are many cultures throughout history that have used peppers as an aphrodisiac.

Each sip will bring you that little kick and the pleasure your taste buds are craving.

Partner some choccy with our chill-infused drinks and you’ve got the perfect coupling to get you ‘in the mood’.

Now that’s hot!

Our cayenne chilli infused pick-me-ups are perfect if you like a little heat and a lot of happiness.

Spice up your life right now…

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