Giving Dry January a kick

While the first month of the year is often associated with the January blues… we have decided to kick this misconception to the curb by partnering with Alcohol Concern to raise awareness over the benefits of Dry January.

We are advocates of living a balanced life when it comes to drinking alcohol and yes our drinks do taste wonderful when used as a mixer – however – each bottle or can of Nix & Kix stands totally proud on its own thanks to the medley of powerful ingredients, meaning that Dry January really doesn’t need to be a gloomy affair.

We strongly believe in mindfulness over mindlessness when it comes to drinking alcohol and this is exactly the reason we have partnered with Alcohol Concern – to bust the myth that no booze has to be all snooze!

With natural flavours such as peach, cucumber and mango – alongside of course a healthy dose of cayenne – each of our drinks will leave your tastebuds buzzing – no booze needed! In fact, thanks to the endorphin-releasing chilli kick – you might be surprised to find yourself full of feel-good January vibes.

Gone are the days when the soft drink selection was limited and boring, there are now so many ways you can bring some spice into your non-drinking life – in fact – when you add a few little extra twists, such as a slice of lime, a chunk of cucumber or sprig of mint, most people wouldn’t even notice you weren’t enjoying a regular cocktail! Check the recipe below for a mocktail recipe that will blow any alcoholic drink back into 2017!

Nix & Kix Moscow Mule Mocktail
35ml Mango Juice
15ml Lemon Juice
Dash of maple syrup
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Nix & Kix Mango Ginger

Serve with a slice of lime

Not only will you have ditched the hangover, but with no refined sugars, natural spring water from the beautiful Welsh countryside and all the amazing health benefits of cayenne, Nix & Kix will undoubtedly help you have a health-full start to 2018.

Whether this is your first Dry January, or you are a seasoned non-drinker, we challenge you to notice whether you can get just as much pleasure from sipping slowly on an ice cool Nix & Kix, than you would have done from your regular tipple. Leave us a comment below to let us know!