The science behind cayenne happy

As a brand who solidly stands behind happiness as a priority in life, we decided to delve a little deeper into the wonderful world of endorphins… aka The Happy Hormones.

Why might we want to do this you ask? Well… scientists have found that capsaicin – which is an active component of chilli peppers – stimulates the release of endorphins – and as spice is such a big part of our life here at Nix & Kix, we couldn’t resist exploring it further.

First though…. What the heck is an endorphin?

The sciencey answer to this is that they are neurotransmitters – chemicals which give signals from one neuron to the next – an essential process when it comes to the function of a healthy central nervous system. Our brains naturally produce these neurotransmitters to help us deal with pain, extreme exertion or emotional responses. They effectively turn a ‘not so great’ situation, into a natural high.

So research now suggests that these wonderful little messages our body produces for us, may help us relieve stress and anxiety, therefore leaving far more potential for joy, fun and happiness to step in. In fact, these happy hormones are so powerful that they are often compared with opiates when it comes to pain management.

How do I get me some of those?

The great news is that our body does this for us – magic hey? And there are lots of ways we can stimulate the production of endorphins – for example exercise, listening to music, laughing, eating chocolate… all the good stuff really! PLUS.. eating chilli!

If you want to go REAL deep into the details, we suggest you check out this awesome article here. (link to but in a nutshell… when you eat a chilli the compounds send a message to your brain that cause it to think you are in pain (a little trick really, because it isn’t really in pain) and as a result those happy little endorphins kick in, resulting in a ‘natural high’. You may have noticed that little joyful buzz you get when you have something spicy – you have endorphins and capsaicin to thank for that!

Yet another reason for us to celebrate by pouring a nice chilled glass of Nix & Kix!