The Wonders of Wales

Why are we talking about Wales you might ask? Well… Wales holds a very special place in our hearts.

Home to four times more sheep than humans, the mythical King Arthur and more castles per square mile than any other European country, our beautiful Welsh production site near the Shropshire hills certainly sits in good company!

We first stumbled across this magical land when we were looking for a manufacturer that embraced our brand ethos. Working with likeminded people is fundamental to us as we put a lot of thought and energy into our creations – and it was important that this passion came through the product in every way.

The Power of H20
The location of our manufacturing plant means that we can utilise Wales’ natural water resources. The area that this water comes from, in Mid Wales, is very under populated, which means the water we use is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve an exceptional taste and impeccable purity.

Some of the Wonders of Wales…
If you are a fan of mixing one of our drinks with a touch of whisky (we recommend our peach flavour for that), then you might be interested to know that Joseph ‘Job’ Daniels, from West Wales, emigrated to the US in the 18th century. It was his grandson Jack that went on to create the world renowned Jack Daniels whisky!

Escape close to Home
Wales is one of our favourite places to visit during the summer months as it offers an adventurous, fun and explorative holiday destination that is close to our London homes. For those looking for an escape to an unknown land, Wales provides this in abundance.

Five of our favourite things to do in Wales…

Climb Snowdon. What could be more amazing than climbing a mountain? Seeing spectacular views from the UK’s third highest mountain is an incredible experience. However, if the climb feels way too much effort you can also get a train to the top and enjoy the sky high feeling without the leg burn!

Grown up playtime. North Wales has actually been coined the ‘zip-line capital of the world’ and if you head to Zip World Velocity you can get up to 100mph on a zip-line and experience ‘flying’ through the forest canopy at Betws y Coed!

Beach bum it. If you are more of a laid back beach bum, then Wales actually has some of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the UK! In fact, Gower’s Rhossili beach was even ranked the best in Britain by TripAdvisor a few years ago, and the ninth best in the world! (who knew?!)

Go wild. The wildlife in Wales is spectacular – from amazing birdlife including red kites, falcons and puffins – to sea life such as basking sharks, dolphins, orcas and even whales! We particularly like Puffin Island!

Visit a tiny house. A bit of a random one here, but worth a look all the same! Quay House in Conwy is Britain’s smallest house at just 1.8m high! We wonder how many bottles of Nix & Kix that would house?

Living the Good Life
Wales provides a host of entertainment throughout the year, including The Goodlife Experience which is coming up in September. We are super excited to be taking Nix & Kix there and it ticks all the boxes in terms of our ideal weekend out.

An action packed few days of fun and discovery in the great outdoors, complete with music, food, books, ideas and workshops. You can visit the Goodlife Experience and not only enjoy campfire cooking sessions, foraging and living the simple life, but also find yourself listening to an amazing array of music, enjoying buckets of entertainment such as vintage fairgrounds and circus school, plus sipping on all the Nix & Kix drinks you could ever dream of!

We hope to see some of you there!

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