ABOUT – Nix & Kix

It’s time for something refreshingly different

We think it's time for more and better choices when it comes to soft drinks. We love different and we love better which is why we are here - we want to bring better taste, better for you and a refreshing new spark of adventure to soft drinks.

We believe nature holds all the answers

We’re passionate about creating great taste without compromising on health. That’s why we don’t take short cuts or use unnatural substitutes for real flavour. We’ve learned that when you take the time to explore, nature provides all the ingredients you need.

The natural benefits of botanicals

We select the botanicals in our drinks for their taste and health benefits.We discovered that just the right hint of cayenne gives each one of our drinks their refreshing zing but means we don’t need to add any sugar or artificial ingredients. Also, cayenne contains capsaicin which boosts metabolism and increases endorphins.

We care passionately about our planet

We use cans that are BPA free, no plastic lining inside.
Please help us protect the planet and recycle our packaging.

Meet our Founder

“I was getting more and more frustrated by the choice of healthier Soft Drinks when going out.

Most options were either high in sugar or artificial sweeteners and didn't taste great. In my kitchen, I experimented with blending great ingredients and discovered the unique flavour of cayenne.

Not only does cayenne have health benefits, but it also adds a distinctive taste we call the Zing.

It's great to have you join us on our journey!”




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