Summer Solstice Festivals

Next week, 21st June, is the iconic Summer Solstice. Now we don’t need much excuse to find something to celebrate here at Nix & Kix, so we are taking advantage of the chance to share our favourite Summer Solstice celebrations…

But first, what is the summer solstice all about?

There are two solstices each year, one in June and one in December. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the June date is the longest day of the year, however in the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day. This day is celebrated across the world with a wide range of events such as feasts, dances, festivals and music.

The word Solstice is derived from the Latin words, sol – meaning ‘sun’ – and sistere – which means ‘to come to a stop or stand still’. So the June Solstice means that the sun has reached its northernmost position, and then after that day it reverses its direction and starts moving south again. The opposite happens in the December solstice. Just a fun fact for you to think about!

Now, onto the celebrations…

The dress code alone makes us desperate to attend the Royal Academy Electric Forest. Any festival that suggests forest creatures, wild witches, woodland spirits and rustic romantics as the attire for the evening gets our vote! In addition to this you will get to experience artist installations, music, cocktails, maypole dancing, pagan cinema and much more at this fun and eclectic event. Find out more here

The Swedes love to celebrate midsummer – especially as in Sweden summer is so short! London is bringing its own Swedish celebrations this June 21st, including an event in West join the party.

If partying is not your bag, then you will adore the Summer Solstice Tea Ceremony over at Neals Yard. A beautiful mindful gathering with meditation, raw desserts and the chance to talk with likeminded people – this will be a very special way to celebrate solstice. Enjoy the calm by clicking here. And as a side note – they also happen to stock Nix & Kix (team pictured on the left)!

You might also like to escape completely – and what better place than the iconic Stone Henge? Camping, music and celebrations at the only location within a close vicinity to the incredible landmark. There is so much going on during this four day mini festival – you can learn all about it here..

And if you fancy creating your own little experience, why not simply get yourself some delicious picnic food, a few cans of cold and refreshing Nix & Kix and take yourself out into nature to watch the sunset on this iconic day?

Will you be celebrating on June 21st? We would love to hear from you if you have plans or have had any fun and interesting Summer Solstice experiences in the past.